Cat and mouse

Kärtsys musical versatility and his dislike towards to being placed in any particular category could already be seen in his early work with Cat And Mouse, which was his first taste of being a music maker and a creative artist as a kid. This was a project with his brother Tote (the basic source for Kärtsy getting interested in music in generally, and who also later joined Waltari as a live keyboardist during 1995-2001) Kärtsy was merely seven years old when they started (Tote was then 18). The seeds of this cross over maniac were sown:)

The brothers just were recording all kinds of  interesting jam sessions with any instruments available around their home, first mostly acoustic guitar and piano, along with singing harmonies and solo, musically already very succesfully though. In fact, it didn´t sound  bad at all in the end. The style generally played was then (1975-1980!) very much into “Pink Floydish” echoed progressive jamming with acoustic instruments. Later came in also some electric equipment and of course punk, connecting to the brothers raising interest to this dearest hobby called music – and therefore they both started building up separately their first real band line -ups. Anyway at this period they recorded 6 different demo tapes: She Does Slip (1975), Around and Round (1976), Black Fire (1977), Mr.Sanata And Pastor Carl-Eric Borg (1979), Xmas Parties (1980), Order In Time (1981) ) (compilation of left overs:)).

After Kärtsy had become an international star in the mid-90s the brothers were keen on getting back to this “therapy group” as a total underground project. As a “Kärtsys 20th artist Anniversary release”:) they released their first She Does Slip home tape from 1975 as a cd release incl.  6 brand new bonus tracks which were introducing  totally updated new and different duo, more oriented towards electronic flirting, even experimental gothic industial. In 1998 they even decided to put out an official release thru Sähkö recordings (Fin) , which back then was known as a label of very strange electronic releases with international distribution though, and for also having some internationally well-known indie electronic artists as Jimi Tenor.The cd was called Around And Round (according to their 2nd home tape, but without including any stuff of the original demo except the intro, consisting only of new material recorded between 1995-97). That has been so far the last release of the project. A lot of talking has been done about a new one, but so far the both brothers have been way to busy elsewhere. But when they both will be retired, if not before:).. 

2 cds available from this project so far: 

SHE DOES SLIP (Kärtsys first ever tapings at home at the age 6 with brother Tote incl.6 new bonus tracks from 1995, self- release, available only on the net and at gigs)

AROUND AND ROUND (Sähkö recordings, 1998)