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What is Kärtsy4Sale?

Kärtsy (Hatakka) had been known best so far for being the mastermind behind the ground-breaking Finnish band Waltari. As its singer and its primus motor of this long term cross over monster from Helsinki. The band initiated the so called and well known Finnish metal invasion across Europe in the early 1990s and has since gotten a very respected and established position in the market all over the world. This very unique, genre-melting band has been around for roughly 30 years, and the Nordics are still going strong along with the new release “Global Rock” (Metalville / Rough Trade, 2020).

Still – many people in many markets do not know, that besides Waltari, Kärtsy has also been creating a remarkable career as a troubadour artist, travelling across Finland and else-where for many years already. All this as a duo – accompanied by his old band-mate Sale (hence the pun in the duo’s name – “Kärtsy for Sale”…). This setting is about to re-start outside Finland as well again now!

Kärtsy For Sale – The acoustic duo’s instrumentation naturally is including the acoustic guitar, but also the piano has a remarkable role in the set, bringing more unique richness to this mini show, comparing to any standard troubadour performance. Along with Kärtsy’s instrumentation, with beforehand mentioned Sale, another original Waltari line up member is bringing in a very unique touch to the soup. Being Kartsy’s wing man, Sale is adding the spices with his small drum kit in here. Still – the volume always kept very low, allowing the duo to perform in any pub corner and any setting from small to big, from the pizza place’s corner niche to stages of any bigger venue.

The set’s repertoire is looking very ”Kärtsy-like”. About half the set is consisting of oh so many and well-known cover songs (a pure cover set surely is possible if needed!) and half of the set is including the artist´s own brainchildren. The cover songs are including 90s singalong hits from the likes of Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Depeche Mode or Blur, but you are also able to find some 2000s material of Linkin Park, Lady Gaga or Paramore. Of course, some classics will be included as highlights for every set, featuring the Led Zeppelins, Queens, Bowies or Princes of the music history.

Kärtsy’s music world is so diverse, people always totally enjoy the nights, when, as a bonus, the artist´s charismatic persona is instantly bringing its special vibration for these intimate happenings!

Get in touch with us on ”Kärtsy For Sale” as an entertainer for your party, and you sure won´t be disappointed!

Contact: kartsy.official@gmail.com

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Stairway to Heaven