Iitin kansallisteatteri

Year 2002 Kärtsy was asked to make his debut composition for a theatre piece called Akseli ja Eelo.The connection to the offer was pretty personal, the subject of the piece being a tragical story of his great uncles in the beginning of the 20th century. These two brothers were enthusiastic Tolstoians, living at the time of the civil war in Finland, and finally tragically getting killed by the civil war soldiers because of their pasifistic thoughts.The music was performed at the stage of the summer theatre of Iitti in 2003, in the original surroundings of the brothers of the story.The theatre piece was a huge success, most of the shows were sold out. The story is based on Kärtsy´s mother Maijas documentary book about his great uncles, called “Ei saarnaamalla vaan elämällä”. 


In the beginning of this Millennium Kärtsy was spending some time in London, and joining this experimental English gothic folk group every now and then in the studio, even once onstage as a live keyboardist.

Kärtsys contribution can also be heard f.e.on the following songs/releases:

-Sky`s The Limit (Bomfunk Mc..s:In Stereo CD 1999)

-Seasons In The Sun (Corporal Punishment: Into The Nerve Of Pain CD 1994)

-Bavaria (Ostara: Kingdom Gone CD 2002)

-Nightmare Machines, Diva da Sade, Does The Truth Make Free?, Ultima Thule, Black Spring (Ostara: Ultima Thule CD 2004)

-Ballad 666 (Cato Canari: Baby I Love You So remixAlbum 2007)

-Hummani Hey (Sir Elwwodin Hiljaiset Värit: Ilta Illan Jälkeen CD 2002)

-I.I.I (remix with Janne Immonen) (Remember Twilight: Das Tolle Mensch CD 2006)

-“Bonus Track” (Koneveljet. Brothers In Machine CD 2002)

-Cinely (Wohnout: Polib Si Dedu CD 2006)

-Sea Life Helsinki (with Kimmo Kajasto) (Wallpapermusic 2003,2009)